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Radio Button Question

Question asked by hoib on Jul 4, 2015
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Radio Button Question


I'm on FM14 with Win 7 Pro.

OK, I have a radio button with two states that is sourced from a field called "OpenVsClosed".  I need users to not "Close" a case (record) until three other fields have proper data in them.  The script that runs off the button uses a simple [If} statement structure to detect if those three fields have data and presents a Custom Dialog inviting the person to correct.

The radio button itself will take a script but the Closed "dot" singularly will not.  The Closed "Dot" cannot be a button unto itself.  I'm noticing too that as the script runs, even though I pressed the "Close" button, the button remains showing an "Open" state.  So it's not committed yet which makes sense.

So then, is there a Get { } function that can detect the clicking/pressing of the Closed button? 

Thanks once again for any assistance.