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    Radio button set checked incorrectly



      Radio button set checked incorrectly


      I have a radio button set that is checked as either "Local" or "Remote" in reference to if the user is looking for data on their current computer, or on a server. These users are part of Permission groups - called either LocalUsers or RemoteUsers. I have a "StartUP" script that runs when the database is opened, that is displayed on the attached image. I basically look for the Privilege set that the current user is a part of, and I adjust my variables and the radio-button field as appropriate. However, I've notices that if I login as part of the RemoteUser group, the "Local" button can be checked sometimes, and vice-versa. I need help here fixing this problem. Thanks.


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          Two possible scenarios come to mind:

          1) When you logged in as a "remote user" you accidentally entered the account/password for a local users

          2) Your script is structured as

          IF privilege set is remote user

          //Remote user code

          Else IF privilege set is local user

          //local user code

          End IF

          If by any chance, the privilege set name is neither "RemoteUsers" nor "LocalUsers", neither set of code is executed and the Local Remote field's value will thus be unchanged. If its current value is "Local", then it will remain with that value...

          If you have FileMaker Advanced, you might want to launch FileMaker without opening this file, enable the script debugger and data viewer, then open the file and monitor the values and script steps while this script executes to see if you can figure out more specifically what is happening here.

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            Ah ok, I figured it out - yeah by default I was logging in as the Admin which is part of a different privilege set. Thanks!