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Radio button Value List

Question asked by ZiteMedia on Mar 19, 2014
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Radio button Value List


     I'm using simple radion buttons to indicate a records status or task.  As far as i see it, each radio button used calls for either a YES or a NO answer.  Yes means the radio button is selected.  No means the radio button is empty or not selected.

     One example:  "Send Mail?"  and then the button would be blank if there's no need to send an email, and it would have to be checked if there is a need to send an emai.

     As far as i understand, you have to define the possible answers in a Value List containing two possible answers.  Just a "Yes" and a "No".

     Now, why is the chosen value always appearing next to the radio button in my Form?  How can i make it disappear?  I just can't find it...

     Also, for the above described use, what would be the typical field settings?  And, above all, is radio button the correct choice or would a checkbox be a better choice?

     Some help or guidance would be much appreciated.