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    Radio button Value List



      Radio button Value List


           I'm using simple radion buttons to indicate a records status or task.  As far as i see it, each radio button used calls for either a YES or a NO answer.  Yes means the radio button is selected.  No means the radio button is empty or not selected.

           One example:  "Send Mail?"  and then the button would be blank if there's no need to send an email, and it would have to be checked if there is a need to send an emai.

           As far as i understand, you have to define the possible answers in a Value List containing two possible answers.  Just a "Yes" and a "No".

           Now, why is the chosen value always appearing next to the radio button in my Form?  How can i make it disappear?  I just can't find it...

           Also, for the above described use, what would be the typical field settings?  And, above all, is radio button the correct choice or would a checkbox be a better choice?

           Some help or guidance would be much appreciated.


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               I have something similar with check boxes, I reduced the width of the checkbox field to only show the checkbox.

               The other way would be to make the text the same colour as the background.

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                 To fully recommend the best option, you need to describe what you want to do with that radio button field.

                 A radio button value list format makes it easy for the user to select a single value from a list. The list of values could be anything. You could define a list of values such as: "Coffee" ; "Tea" ; "Milk" ; "Water" and your user can click any one radio button to select a single value. This is a typical use of radio buttons found in many different computer programs. In FileMaker, unfortunately, users can "break the rules" by holding down the shift key while clicking to select multiple values in the same field. (There's an auto-enter calc that can be used to prevent this.)

                 To hide the listed value, you have two options: Re-size the field to arrange the radio buttons in a vertical column. Then resize the field until only the "button" control is visible. OR don't use radio buttons, set up a group of buttons that use set field to enter the desired value into the field you were going to set up with radio buttons. Conditional formatting on the buttons can make them mimic the appearance of selected/deselected radio buttons.

                 If you want a control to click where there are only two possible values, such as yes or no, I usually use a single value check box. Clicking the check box selects "yes", leaving it cleared or clicking it a second time selects "no". (This means that an empty field is treated as "no" by my scripts and calculations.)

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                   OK i think this solved it for me perfectly, thank you very much PhilModJunk!
                   Basically, as per your last paragraph, twhat i needed were checkboxes and not radio buttons.

                   Having to resize the field to arrange for the listed value not to appear is quite unbelievable as far as i'm concerned.  I mean, who would imagine that Filemaker does not foresee another more elegant way to hide it.  :-/

                   Anyhow, i've got my solution, so thanks again!