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Radio button won't print to PDF correctly

Question asked by PODirector on Jan 21, 2013
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Radio button won't print to PDF correctly


     I have formatted a field with a value list represented by a radio button set. The value list is for smoking preferences: Non and Smoking. I have checked the size of my field and any field overlap that affect the printing of the two options in the value list. There is nothing obstructing the view to keep this from printing correctly. However, I cannot get the word "Smoking" to print the "g" at the end of the word. I have tried retyping the value list, switching the order of the options, and no matter what I do, the only way to get the "g" to print is the spell the option in the value list "Smokingg." This obviously won't work, because in Browse mode it looks like I have misspelled the word.

     Can someone tell me what I am missing that is keeping this word from printing correctly? The label for the field is Smoking, and it prints just fine. This is driving me mad.