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    Radio button won't print to PDF correctly



      Radio button won't print to PDF correctly


           I have formatted a field with a value list represented by a radio button set. The value list is for smoking preferences: Non and Smoking. I have checked the size of my field and any field overlap that affect the printing of the two options in the value list. There is nothing obstructing the view to keep this from printing correctly. However, I cannot get the word "Smoking" to print the "g" at the end of the word. I have tried retyping the value list, switching the order of the options, and no matter what I do, the only way to get the "g" to print is the spell the option in the value list "Smokingg." This obviously won't work, because in Browse mode it looks like I have misspelled the word.

           Can someone tell me what I am missing that is keeping this word from printing correctly? The label for the field is Smoking, and it prints just fine. This is driving me mad.


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               Can you select this field while in browse mode, specify a border for the field, then upload a new screen shot showing the field border?

               What font have you specified for this field? Have you tried selecting a different font?

               What value list options are you using to set up this value list? Custom values or values from a field in a table?

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                 I specified a border in layout mode: Solid 1 black. It shows in Layout and Browse mode, but does not show in Preview mode or print. I am using the Contrast Red theme for this layout, so I don't know if there are attributes that are over-writing my style.

                 The font I am using is Tahoma. The value list is a custom value list where I just typed in the values:




                 I tried other fonts, but some would not hold their styles. I could get the entire word Smoking to print if I used Times New Roman or Calibri. However, these fonts do not match the rest of the document, and every other radio button on the report printed out correctly.

                 Why is just this one word giving me trouble?

                 I did not print out another JPG of the report, as it wouldn't show you anything different.


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                   Try entering layout mode, select layout setup... and clear the Delineate check box. Then see if the border is visible in preview mode so that you can capture it an upload it.

                   This assumes that you are not using a script to preview or print the layout. If you are using a script--say by clicking a button on your layout, the script could be changing layouts before entering layout mode--which means that you have been attempting to correct this on the wrong layout. I don't think that's the case here, but just in case I am wrong about that...

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                     Here is the new uploaded PDF. It still will not print the "g" at the end of "Smoking". This is using Tahoma font.

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                       And if you select the field while in layout mode and change this font to Arial, what do you see?

                       I'm speculating that you have one of three issues:

                       A corrupted font suitcase--if so changing the font should correct the problem.

                       A corrupted layout---if so trying this on a brand new layout with nothing copied in from another layout should work.

                       A corrupted file--You may be able to recover the file, but best practice will be to replace the file with an undamaged backup copy if you have one.