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Radio buttons

Question asked by kunaaldesai on Sep 24, 2009
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Radio buttons


I am just not able to understand this with Filemaker. I want to add two radio buttons in my system with Yes/No value. I don't want to do any thing with any field in the database.So when i click on radio/check box tool in the tool box then it shows me up some dialoguebox which asks me select avalue list AND select a field from the database. i create my own custom value list containng just Yes and No and hope to see them as radio button choices.


I don't have any thing with the fields so i try to avoid that but the Fiilemaker does not enable Ok until I select one. i select any random field and see what happens then what I see is NOT AT ALL a radio button but a Edit box displaying value from the randomly selected field


  1. Yes, i selected radio button set in "Display As" option.
  2. I am still wondering where did my custom made value list go?
  3. Why I HAVE To select something from  database. Why can't I make radio buttons with just simple Yes No options?