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    Radio buttons



      Radio buttons


      I am just not able to understand this with Filemaker. I want to add two radio buttons in my system with Yes/No value. I don't want to do any thing with any field in the database.So when i click on radio/check box tool in the tool box then it shows me up some dialoguebox which asks me select avalue list AND select a field from the database. i create my own custom value list containng just Yes and No and hope to see them as radio button choices.


      I don't have any thing with the fields so i try to avoid that but the Fiilemaker does not enable Ok until I select one. i select any random field and see what happens then what I see is NOT AT ALL a radio button but a Edit box displaying value from the randomly selected field


      1. Yes, i selected radio button set in "Display As" option.
      2. I am still wondering where did my custom made value list go?
      3. Why I HAVE To select something from  database. Why can't I make radio buttons with just simple Yes No options?

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          Unlike other applications such as MS Access, your radio button format must be attached to a field. That's the only way filemaker can receive and hold the input generated when the radio button is clicked by the user.


          If you don't want different values for the radio button field stored in every record, simply define the field and set it's storage field option to be global. A global field does not even have to be part of the same table as the other fields on your layout.