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Radio Buttons

Question asked by gldiaz on Jan 4, 2012
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Radio Buttons


 Would you be kind to help?

I have created a "Radio Selection box with (6)"RADIO BUTTONs" (see i.e. below).

I am hoping to be able to do the following, using a Radio Button with six selected items
to help keep track of Customer's actions. ( and their potentional to buy)

I.E.       O  Will Purchase (Under 30 days)       O  Needs Information
            O   May Purchase (w/in 30 Days)       O  Customer Chose to Wait
            O   Wants Financing                          O   Customer Lost to Competition

Here's what's happening and my problem.
1.  I need to be able to select more than one Button. Presently, If I selection (1) button
     and try to add a second selection, the First Button de-selects.  I can't seem to find how
     to chose more than (1) button option.

2.  Finally,  Is there a way to color code the options that are selected. For example, if the
     customer is "Lost to competion" the button when chosen is (let's say RED).  It the customer
     on the other hand, is a high potential buyer on the "Will purchase under 30 days) it may
     be Yellow (each time it is selected for each customer record, as chosen)

    The above #1 question, is more important to me for resolution than # 2, But any help would be well received.