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    Radio-button field: Spacing



      Radio-button field: Spacing


           I've got some radio-buttons, that because of space constraints, can't be enlarged overall. However, I'd like to at least put some space between the buttons. I've tried putting a space between items on a vertical list with (effectively) a paragraph mark. However, this is 'all or nothing'. Is there a way of varying space in a more controlled manner?

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               There's a line spacing setting on the Inspector's appearance tab that you can experiment with as long as this is not Web Direct.

               An extreme method of controlling the position of each radio button value is to define a different single value value list for each radio button value, then make multiple copies of your field and format each copy with a different value list for its single radio button. Since this breaks up your value list in to separate copies of the same field, you can individually place each copy of the field as you see fit--but I wouldn't use this method unless I can't work out an alternative.

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                 Thanks, as you say, I'll go for the simple alternative!