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    Radius Help



      Radius Help


           Hello all, 

           I am in need of some assistance. I have made a midwest United States map as a prototype with counties in each state. I would like to create a radius onto the map based off of a center point. Does anyone know what/how to do this and if it is possible without creating a coordinate system?


           Any help is appreciated.

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               This sounds quite funky. Could you give us a little bit more info on how or what it is that you have made?

               Maybe some screenshots might help.

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                 Well I have made a map on states for the midwest states and I have created fields for each county and applied them to the states. My goal is to pick a county and say I want a circle with radius of 50 miles and I want filemaker to create this circle and input it in my chart. It has taken weeks to put this together and it has been challeneging but if I can find a way to add this feature, then it will be perfect.