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Random Characters

Question asked by djhcms on Nov 18, 2009
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Random Characters


We've been using FileMaker for some years now.  Recently, we've had an issue with a random character appearing in one field.


We're using Filemaker 9 & 10 (in the process of upgrading everyone), and Server 9. It's being run on one Mac (mine) and the rest are PC's running XP. 


We have a field set up for a student's ID number - it's a field that connects the student's personal information to their academic information, which are in two different places.  On a random subset of students, however, an "X" appeared on the second line of their ID number. It wasn't visible unless you clicked in the field and caused some of their academic information to be attached to each other.  For example, student 1x and student 2x would have their academic worksheets attached to each other for no particular reason. 


Anyone else have a similar issue, or ideas as to why it would be doing this?