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Random Filemaker Client Crashes in a 10 user enviroment

Question asked by marketg on Jan 15, 2013
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Random Filemaker Client Crashes in a 10 user enviroment


     We have had this problem for about the last year and figured I would see if anyone here might know what is going on.

Quick Snapshot of problem: We have Filemaker 10 Server running on a Mac Mini Server. 10 Clients on various imacs and mini macs running Filemaker 10.3 Client. Over the course of the last year three particular computers just have random client crashes where FM application will disapear completely with no error or anything. I've had each person let me know when it happens and what they were doing and there is no common thing I can find. Sometimes they can go a whole week with no problems, then the next week have crashes frequently each day. When the crashes happen, they sometimes are just changing between layout, or entering data, or just moving to another application such as safari or such. Even in some cases, the program is just sitting idile for a few minutes. The problem is so random I'm at a lose as to what is going on.

Solutions I've tried: I've made sure all OS's are up to date, everyone is on the most current version FM 10 and that all updates are updated on the computers. We originally thought maybe the server was having problems, so we wiped it clean and resintalled the server software and FM server software. I've turned off the kick clients after being idle items.

     Computers most effected: The three computers that seem to be effected are:

     1) Running OSX 10.5.8, iMac

     2) Running OSX 10.6.8, MiniMac

     3) Running OSX 10.6.8, PowerBook


     Any thoughts or suggestions out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!