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randomizing issue

Question asked by khopper on Mar 15, 2009
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randomizing issue


I am using FileMaker Pro 9 to manage a question bank of about 6,000 questions. I need to periodically mark subsets of these questions, "find" them, then sort them in random be imported to a clone file.  I have created a random number field and it seems to work fine.


The problem is that when I try to sort these question record subsets by random number, they are not sorted.


I need to be able to frequently recalculate random numbers by clicking in that field, and this works fine but requires me to check:



    Do not store -- recalculate...


I think the problem here is that FileMaker isn't able or willing to sort records by unstored values. So to get them sorted, I have to turn off the recalculation feature that I need to actually make them random.


Catch 22


The only work-around I've found is to set the options to store the random numbers, then painfully go back in and change the randomizing formula to something else, change it back, then sort. This is ridiculous, and I'm going to make a mistake doing it a hundred times.


Any ideas appreciated.



BTW, I've used FileMaker since it came out for Mac in the mid eighties and I absolutely adore it.