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    range of dates



      range of dates


      Hi everybody,


      I'm a beginner with FileMaker. I'm building an archaeological database and I'm in trouble with date fields. Sometimes archeological finds have exact year datings, sometimes not (e.g. IV-II century b.C.). What kind of field (date, numeric, string...) could I use to input dates into my records? I mean, I'd like it would be possible to search for II century b.C. records in my database and find II century but also III-I century b.C. records.

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          Filemaker's Date fields (a) require a full date (year, month, day) and (b) are limited to a range starting at Jan 1, 0001.


          Based on your example, I'd suggest using two Number fields: one for the exact or starting year, the other for the end year (empty in case the year is known exactly).

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            That could be a real challenge!


            Hmm, if the dates are all in terms of centuries you might make things work by having 2 number fields, Century1, Century2. Put the earliest century in Century1 and make BC centuries Negative.


            Structure finds like this:


            To find all records whose date range includes 1st Century BC,


            Enter find mode

            Put < -1 in Century1

            Pug > -1 in Century2

            Perform the find

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              Thanks you both for the quick replies.

              I'm going to test your suggestions, I think the solution could be a mix of them.