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Rank with ordinal suffix

Question asked by malijames on Apr 30, 2013
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Rank with ordinal suffix


 please how do I rank a calculated field called "Total". The total is based on the sum of different subjects. I want to create a new field called "Rank" to display the ranks of each student 1. I want the rank to be updated as the totals change (if possible) 2.  The rank be updated without sorting the layout (table view) if possible 3. The ranking should appear with ordinal suffix like " st,nd,rd, th I.e 1st,2nd..........) 4. If I'm on a form view or portal , can the rank be updating as I change scores ? 5. The rank should take note of ties 6. My portal is based on the subject table Hope I'm not asking too much I have 2 tables STUDENT and SUBJECT table related by pk_STid and fk_STid.                           Please help me out Thanks in advance