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Ranking Employees

Question asked by pademo57 on Jun 24, 2014
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Ranking Employees


     Hi There,

     Our factory rates employees by using 5 ranks:

     rank1 - Uncertified

     rank2 - Certified

     rank3 - Instructor

     rank4 - Master Instructor

     rank5 - Supervisor

     I want to have a layout where 3 fields need to be shown:

     1) one can choose students by only listing (Drop-down list?) employees with rank1

     2) one can choose instructors by listing either rank3 or rank4

     3) one can choose a supervisor by listing only those employees with rank5

I don't know how to make each field conditional on the above conditions

     I have set up 3 tables:

rank: _pkRankID, RankName

employee: _pkEmpID, EmpFname, EmpLname, _fkRankID

trackingform: _pkFormID, FormDate FormComments, FormRating, _fkEmpID 

Is this the best way or am I way off track?


     How do I accomplish this?