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Ranking records without ascending order

Question asked by LeonLay on Mar 24, 2013
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Ranking records without ascending order


     I've tried to search the forum to find out a way to rank a field without shorted the field, but I didn't see it.

     Here's my request: 

Table 1 is info about client, like


     Tom    │0715           │XXX            │1234      │etc.


Table 2 is info about users pay info


     0715           │16                │$19.99      │rank number

     And now put them in one layout(Table 1) to show the Client's overview, but when I put the RANK field into Table 1's layout, the RANK field desn't work( seems it only worked in Table 2).

     All I want is to short with the NAME field while it shows each NAME's Ranking number.

     Could this possible?