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Question asked by BeachedWhale on Dec 25, 2012
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     I have a sorted found set. Now I want to rank this set from 1 to last.

     I looked it up and came across this website for identifying unique records and then ranking entries in a subsummary report, here is the link:

     So in order to rank in their method, you have to create a field called flag_unique whose unstored calculation looks like this:

     (I'm trying to rank the Product Types)


Let ( x = GetNthRecord ( ProductType ; Get(RecordNumber) - 1 ) ;

If ( ProductType <> x ; 1 ; "" )

)   //   end let

     Here is the link:

     However instead of getting a 1 as flag_unique for the first instance of product type, I get a 1 in all instances. Is there something wrong with the field code?