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re database setup

Question asked by mark_d2x on Jun 18, 2009
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re database setup


Hi last one for tonight (promise),


Ok, just about completed the database i am working on looking at cancers.


I need to have 2 separate versions of this for 2 sites (I need to keep the data from each hospital separate at this time & also I am still waiting to get FMP server allowed on the network) 


What I am thinking is that it would be good to have a 3rd (essentially identical version of the database, other than autogen numbers etc) that merges the data from both databases into a common database. 


What I thought was i could use a script to do this - update database - it then updates the master database with data from both sites, then when i am able to publish it to the network it is ready to go.


Is this thought process right or am i loosing the plot? Any other suggestions?


Best wishes