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    re database setup



      re database setup


      Hi last one for tonight (promise),


      Ok, just about completed the database i am working on looking at cancers.


      I need to have 2 separate versions of this for 2 sites (I need to keep the data from each hospital separate at this time & also I am still waiting to get FMP server allowed on the network) 


      What I am thinking is that it would be good to have a 3rd (essentially identical version of the database, other than autogen numbers etc) that merges the data from both databases into a common database. 


      What I thought was i could use a script to do this - update database - it then updates the master database with data from both sites, then when i am able to publish it to the network it is ready to go.


      Is this thought process right or am i loosing the plot? Any other suggestions?


      Best wishes



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          Look up Import Records in the online help system. This is a powerful tool that can do a lot of different things for you.


          In your case you can import your data from your two different files into a third file. You'll need to do this for each table in your file. You can script this is you want.


          The one thing that I'd beware of are any serial number ID fields that function as Primary keys. You could easily get major data confusion since the values will likely no longer be unique once you've merged your data. You may need to implement a different primary key strategy to insure that this doesn't happen.




          Set a field to auto-enter the current serial number field combined with a Hospital ID value to get something like 1234.1 for one hospital and 1234.2 for the other.




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            Thanks Phil,


            Yes, I had thought that - we use a specific site code in the UK for each hospital, there are 4 hospitals within the Trust I work each one starts something like FMP01, FMP02 etc, this is the first part of the unique identifier for each table (eg FMP01_PATIENT_00000001, FMP01_TUMOUR_0000001 etc) within the database so that i knew exactly where the record was generated.


            I could always add an extra field in the master database for the serial numbers from the tables in the daughter databases... that should work with minimal additional work to the master database.


             The thoughts are mulling well now ;-)