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Re-calculate field for all records

Question asked by FMNewbie on Apr 14, 2011
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Re-calculate field for all records


FileMaker Pro 11, Mac OS 10.6.6

I'm kinda stumped on this one and I've been going round and round for days... please help!?!

In my database I have a field, let's call it A, which performs a calculation using a value in another field which we can call B.  If I change the value of B, it re-calculates the value of A... no problem.  Theoretically (I think at least) if I make B a global field, the calculation in field A should change for every record in the database every time the value of global field B is changed. Right?

However when I switch to a Report style layout which shows all records and then change the value of global field B, field A only changes for the currently selected record. 

How do I make field A re-calculate and update in ALL RECORDS whenever field B is changed?