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Re-installation Challenge, please help!

Question asked by Freedomcoach on Nov 14, 2009
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Re-installation Challenge, please help!


Hi Everyone:


I'm having a particularly frustrating time re-installing FM Pro 9 Advanced and hoping someone here can offer a solution. My macbook laptop on which FM was installed was stolen from my car 2 days ago. There were two critical databases on the laptop containing virtually everything in my life. The good news is that I maintain a clone backup and yesterday I was able to get a new computer and restore everything to where it was.


However, FM pro will not launch because the license is keyed to the old macbook hardware. In calling FM support, the man I spoke to found my customer information and sent me an email with a download link to an FM pro 9 installer and license code. I was relieved thinking all was well.


Then this morning I hit another snag. The Filemaker installer is looking on my hard drive for a "qualifying product" and is not counting my existing FM Pro 9 Advanced as qualifying. Since I cannot open my databases, I cannot supply the installer with any older license information that might allow it to complete the installation.


I'm therefore back to square one facing an entire weekend of not being able to access my critical data. If there is someone running FM Pro who was able to open my databases for me, he/she could conceivably export everything to an excel file and send it to me which would at least give me access to the data. They could also possibly locate some earlier licensing information in my Filemaker record which just might be good enough for the installer.


I honestly do not know why the FM customer support rep sent me a link requiring a qualifying product when he already found me as a customer for FM Pro 9 Advanced. Anyways, if you have ANY ideas at all of how to resolve this, I would be deeply appreciative and would be willing to reciprocate with some complimentary coaching services (see Thank you!