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    Re-Link a moved database



      Re-Link a moved database


      I have an image database spread over 3 2TB hard drives. I copied over about 32GB of images to a new hard drive, maintaining same exact file/folder structure with the hopes of still being able to browse only that selection of images from another location.

      Currently my database cannot find any of the images. Is there a process of refreshing the databases new location? I'm thinking that only the root folders have changed location?

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          I gather these are images inserted into container fields "by reference"?

          You can use Replace Field contents with the calculation option to make a mass update on the container fields as though they were text fields. I'd put a calculation field on my layouts with the name of your container field as the only item in the calculation and set it to return text. If you put this field on your layout and size it to be at least three lines of text tall, you should be able to see the file path currently stored in the field to help you better set up the Replace Fields operation (do this on the container field, not this new calculation field) with a calculation that will correctly update each container field in your database.