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Re-Login Help

Question asked by IsaacKnoflicek on Jul 23, 2014
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Re-Login Help


     I've got a database that's basically on a kiosk, users walk up to it, login, do their thing, then logoff.

     I don't want the database to close because it takes time and it's extra work to teach them to launch the correct database, so what I did was add a "Logoff" button which they click takes them to a blank form with a pretty picture then runs the re-login script step.

     This works great except users could hit cancel if they wanted and drop right back into the previous users account.

     My proposed solution is to have the script automatically login as a user with very limited access and take them to a form with a "big login" button that launches a parameterless relogin.

     That's not terribly graceful though, I'm wondering if any of you have done this a better way?