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    Re-Login script



      Re-Login script


      I have tried using the "Re-Login" script to control access to particular layouts.

      Re-Login [Account Name: "James"]

      Go to Layout ["Complaint" (Patient)]

       If the user enters "cancel" on the native filemaker pop-up, the following dialog box pops up, "Re-login has been canceled.  Do you wish to continue with this script?"  If the user hits continue, then the presumed restricted layout is entered and the user never had to enter the password. 



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          Layout restriction is best done through Security > Privilege Sets > Layouts, there you can create calculations, etc. to allow or restrict the users access to same.

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            I agree with Bumper, but to get a script that uses re-log in to work, use this script:

            Set Error Capture [on]
            Re-Log In[
            If [Get (LastError )  = 0 ]
               Do what should happen if log in was successful here
              Cancel was clicked do what you want to have happen if cancel was clicked here
            End If