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    Re-Login via Layout



      Re-Login via Layout


      Hello to all!


      I am BRAND NEW to all things database related and even newer then that to FMP.


      Over the last couple of weeks I have been going through John Osborn's FMP 10 Begginer, Intermediate and Advanced DVD's. I'm learning a lot! I am enjoying working here at home on databases!


      I am trying to build a Re-Login Script that will direct a IWP user to the begging of my database, I already have a "Accounts Creation" page. And I know that this is probably a baby question, but here it goes. So essentially this is what I want to happen.


      1. User Navigates to my IWPublished database and land on the sign-in page,

      2. Types in his/her User Name and Password and then is redirected to the begging of my database,

      3. If user fails to enter a valid User Name and Password then there is some sort of Custom Dialogue that states why, and drops then back on the sign-in page.


      Thats it really. I am using FMP 10(not advanced) on a MacBook running MACOSX 10.5.8 (Leopard)


      If someone would also be kind enough to post how then run their "Accounts Creation" Via a layout script I would appreciate that as well, I have one set up but am not sure if it correct or could be better.


      Please Remember that I want all this done inside the Layout in IWP. So I know I have to have the "No-Dialogue" check box selected. 


      Ok! Thanks to all in advance! If you need any more information just ask! Thanks Again!


      Daniel P - Noob of all the Noobs

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          "Re-Login: Lets the user log into the database using a different account and password without closing and reopening the file. However, for web users you must select the Perform without dialog checkbox and specify an account name and password in this script step."


          So, you can set up a page with a name and password field, and the Re-Login script step can use those values. One problem is that the password field will be in plain text, there's really no way to display it as a bullet font.


          Why not simply log the user out and have them log in the normal way?

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            Thanks for your reply!!


            Well, my idea was that everyone would come into the data base as a Guest, and then from there you have minimal navigation abilities. I.E  "Welcome" "About Us" "Sign In" and "Sign Up". And from the "Sign In" Menu the guest would "re-login" and have access to meat of the database.


            So what I am looking for is what the script would look like to make that happen on the Sign In? 


            I am sorry, I haven't been doing this long enough to even state properly what I am looking for. If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask and I will let you know.



            Daniel P.

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              Your best bet is to log in from a web page that has a form on it. You can link to the login form page from your Welcome and About pages.


              See here and here to see how to do it.