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Re-Login via Layout

Question asked by DPIT on May 7, 2010
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Re-Login via Layout


Hello to all!


I am BRAND NEW to all things database related and even newer then that to FMP.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been going through John Osborn's FMP 10 Begginer, Intermediate and Advanced DVD's. I'm learning a lot! I am enjoying working here at home on databases!


I am trying to build a Re-Login Script that will direct a IWP user to the begging of my database, I already have a "Accounts Creation" page. And I know that this is probably a baby question, but here it goes. So essentially this is what I want to happen.


1. User Navigates to my IWPublished database and land on the sign-in page,

2. Types in his/her User Name and Password and then is redirected to the begging of my database,

3. If user fails to enter a valid User Name and Password then there is some sort of Custom Dialogue that states why, and drops then back on the sign-in page.


Thats it really. I am using FMP 10(not advanced) on a MacBook running MACOSX 10.5.8 (Leopard)


If someone would also be kind enough to post how then run their "Accounts Creation" Via a layout script I would appreciate that as well, I have one set up but am not sure if it correct or could be better.


Please Remember that I want all this done inside the Layout in IWP. So I know I have to have the "No-Dialogue" check box selected. 


Ok! Thanks to all in advance! If you need any more information just ask! Thanks Again!


Daniel P - Noob of all the Noobs