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Re-setting a record's date

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 19, 2015
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Re-setting a record's date


I've a script to create new records in Calc with a 'cut-out' line where if the TO Calc|Today::_PatientID, not IsEmpty than there's a warning. This works fine, but because the new Calc automatically sets today's date and after a weekend you want to record a Calc for the missed days, it would be good to re-set the Calc::date. I can do this, but if I try to get another new Calc for today, I get the warning.


Patient::__ID = Calc::_PatientID

Patient::__ID = Calc|Today::_PatientID and Patient::Date current = Calc|Today::Date calc

What I don't understand is that once I've changed the Calc|Today::Date calc date, Calc|Today should be empty of Calc|Today::_PatientID since there are no current dated records and therefore should not trigger the script warning. Evidently I'm missing something!!