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    Re-sizing Portals



      Re-sizing Portals


      Is it possible to size a portal dynamically based on the number of records in it?  I have a layout that is a list of projects and some projects have associated sub-projects.  Others don't.  I'd like to be able to show these sub projects when applicable but there doesn't seem to be a decent way that looks nice to do this as it involves a separate table.  If I could re-size the portal and then use the "slide up and re-size part" option I might could at least make this presentable.  I'm using FM Pro 12 Advanced.  Maybe this is a feature that has already been added in FM13? It seems so logical to want to do this with portals and not too difficult to implement.



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          A portal can be set to "slide up and re-size" but this is only an option that produces a visible result when you are either in preview mode or when printing/saving as PDF.

          In some cases a list view type summary report format can be a more flexible option, but only if the underlying data model works for that design choice and this is not always the case.

          If you have this data model:


          You can set up such a layout based on Table C with data from Table A  and table B included on the layout. But this assumes a "one to many" "chain" of relationships where there is at least one existing record in Table C for each record in TableB that has data you want to include in your report.

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            Phil, that makes sense.  I had thought about something like this, but perhaps you could help me flesh it out?  If the layout is based on Table C do my project and sub project names from Tables A and B need to actually be in Table C, or am I displaying data from Tables A and B in a different manner?  And is this possible to do in List View or do I need to use a Portal or what?

            If the data needs to actually be in Table C as unique records then in the relationship can I use the "Automatically create a record in this table when..." checkbox so that any record from Table A or B is automatically added to Table C?  The last bit that could be confusing is I have an ID field in both Table A and Table B that is a unique serial, but they're basically the same.  I've been using that field to associate all other fields with the proper project or sub project, but I couldn't add a Project from Table A with an ID of 12 and a Sub Project from Table B with an ID of 12 to Table C and expect that to go well, could I?

            Thanks for your input.

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              Given the relationship specified, you would not copy the data from Tables A and B into C. You simply add the fields from Tables A and B to your Table C based layout where needed.