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RE: A local text field that is behaving like a global field when it is not supposed to!

Question asked by Deadeye on Jan 5, 2009
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RE: A local text field that is behaving like a global field when it is not supposed to!


I'm a newbie, with FM9 Pro, and I've been working on this DB for awhile, it involves keeping track of different literary characters' profiles and the novel they come from.  I am answering questions about each character, such as physical description, mental abilities, vocation, goals, conflicts, etc. and then compiling them into another field to use for exporting as a saved PDF file or formatted report.  For some reason, I can't get the calculated result into the text field and if I just copy and paste each data segment into the field, the information is then displayed for all records.  I would prefer it if this compilation field stayed attached to the record in which it applies.


The script I've been working with is this:


   GO TO FIELD [Character Creation::Short Char_Summary]

   SET FIELD "Character Synopsis of:" &   Character Creation::Char_Full Name & ¶ &¶ & "Character's Motivation---" & Character Creation::Char_Motivation & ¶ & "Character's Inner Conflicts---" & Character Creation::Char_Conflict & ¶ & "Character's Epiphany---" &  Character Creation::Char_Ephiphany & ¶ &  "Character's Values---" & Character Creation::Char_Values & ¶ & "Character's Vocation---" & Character Creation::Char_Vocation & ¶ & "Physical Description---" & Character Creation::Char_Physical Desc & ¶ & "Character's Physical Abilities:" & ¶  & ¶ & Character Creation::Char_physAbilities & ¶ & "Character's Goals---" &  Character Creation::Char_Goals & ¶ & "Character's Mental Abilities---" &  Character Creation::Char_mentalAbilities & ¶ & "1 Paragraph Storyline---" & Character Creation::Char_1Para Storyline

   SHOW CUSTOM DIALOG [Title: "Save Character Profile?"; Message: "If you wish to save this character synopsis,

press \"OK"."; Buttons: "OK", "Cancel"]

   IF [Get (LastMessageChoice) = "OK"]

      EXPORT FIELD CONTENTS [Character Creation::Short Char_Summary: "file:Character Profiles/Character Creation::char_Full Name.syn"]




Any help at all will be appreciated.  Thanks.