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      With reference to my earlier post about getting PDFs (re: printing multipage PDFs directly from FMP), what I want to happen is when I add a file into a container field, FMP gets the filepath, puts it into a new field, then uses that field as a URL to display the PDF in a browser window within FMP. 


      1 - Is this possible?

      2 - If so, what are the steps

      3 - If not, what is the alternative to having to type out the file path for every file (considering there are already over 7000 PDFs to add into the new database).  




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             If the files are referenced, not embedded in the container field, you can get the path using GetAsText ( ContainerField ). There will be additional information in the result (depending on the method used to insert the file), but the last line will be the absolute path to the file.