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re: related tables

Question asked by mark_d2x on Jun 12, 2009
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re: related tables




Just having a problem setting up a new database.


I have 4 tables each with a key primary and key foreign.


Here is how it is set up


Patient -     _kp_patient


Tumour -     _kp_tumour



Treatment - _kp_treatment

_kf_ tumour


Follow up - _kp_follow up



These are all set up as a relationship - so that records can be made from this relationship.  For each patient you can have more than 1 tumour and more than 1 treatment for that tumour hence setting up the database in this way.  Or have I managed to do that wrong?


Okay here is the problem, I can set up the first layout for the Patient (based on Patient table), what I am not clear about is the next stage.  I want to then add buttons to take you to a new layout for Tumour or  Treatment; Follow up can be done using a portal.  Do I create the other tables based on the Patient or Tumour and Treatment? If I do it this way I will need to add a button that adds a new record to the Tumour or Treatment table rather than the Patient. 


I am ok adding a button to get to another layout for navigation.


Many thanks




I hope that is clear?