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      Hi me again!


      Just another one (I am sure there are going to be many more! <giggles>).  I have been asked if it is possible to permanantly record who has modified a table.


      What i thought was to create a new table - MODIFICATION RECORD - in this I want to sequentially store who and when someone has made a record within that table - this may be best done as a seperate database (advise me please!), what I thought was to have the following: _kp_Mod record (auto enter serial number), _kf_primary key table, user mod, mod timestamp as the fields.  Then I thought about a script for the layout that copies the user mod and user timestamp from the main table on exit of that layout - is this the best way/ only way or is there an easier way to keep a long term track of who has modified a record?


      Best wishes



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          Your basic idea sounds workable.


          A few suggestions and observations:


          If you just want to know who was the last person to modify the record, just keep the fields as part of the same table. You won't need a script at all, just fields set to auto-enter any modification data such as date, time, timestamp, account name.


          If you want a log of each time the record was modified, use your related table as now you can set your script to create a new record each time. Since most layouts are set up to enable a user to move from record to record, set a script trigger to log the change when the record is committed.



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            Thanks Phil, starting to get this logic.....  ;-)