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    Read Only Access



      Read Only Access


           I have created a Filemaker Pro12 file with data which I wish to share with my client to be viewed on Filemaker Go.
           The thing is I just need to lock the data and provide Read-Only Access to the client. No high security password needed.
           Is there an easy way to do it?

           Would appreciate a solution here. Thanks!


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               Use the Manage | Security to set a password that locks down the solution to Read Only on all tables and layouts.

               Use File Options to auto-enter that account name and password so that the client doesn't have to.

               To open the file with a full access password, hold down the Shift (windows) or Option (Mac) key when opening the file in order to get the standard log in dialog for entering an account name and password.

               Strong Suggestion:  Before messing around with Manage | Security for the first time, save a backup copy of your file that does not have a password set on it. Then, if you accidentally lock your self out of your file, you can toss that copy and open the unlocked backup to try again.

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            Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the solution.

            But another question.

                 Now that I figured how to disable my client from editing the data. I have these pictures which I want to allow my clients to switch to and from for enlargement in the main container field. You know, from a selection of 4 pictures?
                 I edited my layout from one of the given template so I know little of how it was originally created.
                 Any chance I can give my client that option yet still lock them out of the data entry?
                 Thanks and a Happy New Year.


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                   With about a more detailed understanding of your design I can only provide a general outline: You can set up a button for each container field--the container field(s) can be the button if you want and tapping that button can open a window or change layouts to a layout that displays the same container field, but sized to fill the screen. That container field on that layout can be a button that either closes the window or returns to the original layout.

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                     OK lost you there.

                     I would like to send you a sample file to show you what I mean but I don't know to here. 

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                       I shouldn't need to see your file to answer this question. Why not just try describing what you want in more detail? Do you have several container fields in one record or are they in a related table? Do you want the user to see the image such that it fills the iPhone/iPad screen? Or do you want something else?

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                         If you go to Starter Solution and select the Product Catalog template, you'd see one large box and 4 smaller boxes below. I found that if I lock the data entry via Read Only Access, I also lock out the option for my client to select the choice of 4 pictures to enlarge.

                         Was wondering if I could still give my client the option while locking the data in the fields.

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                           FYI-If you put any field to ready only you can only view the data and not modify it..

                           One way you could do that would be to have a button on the layout that would switch to another layout that has modify rights so they are able to insert/modify  pictures, then have them click the Done button and take then back to the read only view.

                           or you could put a button on the screen that says edit...  then do a re-login with a user that has rights automatically.  When they are done they could click the button again and back to view only..


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                             With that starter solution, you can create your own privilege set. You can then customize the permissions so that the four container fields, the "four boxes" that you describe can be edited but all other fields in the table cannot be edited.

                             Then the drag and drop functionality of this layout will be restored:

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                               Hmmm this need further exploration. Thanks!

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                                 Tried this but still locked out of swapping pictures as 'Guest' mode :-(


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                                   From what I gather on your last comment you are logging in as guest..???

                                   If so, what Phil is trying to tell you is that you will need to create a new user..  We will say the username is "User1".

                                   Once you create this user, go create a new privilege set..    Make sure to assign the correct extended privileges too..

                                   The follow Phils screen shots... 

                                   Once your done -  login as User1..

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                                     Cautionary Note:

                                     I haven't tested this out on the actual startup solution. It's possible that the options shown--which look right to me, may be too restrictive. There might also be a script that has to be set to "run with full access privileges" before this will work as well.

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                                       Tried creating a new user and did as per images. Still the same problem. Pictures cannot be swapped. Says ;This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable.'


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                                         And you are able to do this if you log in as a full access user?

                                         If access privileges were preventing this, I'd expect a different error message.

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