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    Read-only fields in a separation model



      Read-only fields in a separation model


           I have a database that makes bookings. A Booking is an entity that links 3 tables, Customer, Workshop and Payments (1 to 1, 1 to 1, one to many).

           The database is based on a separation model. The scripts are all in the GUI database.

           I have a script that creates bookings. A Booking, once it has a Customer ID and a Workshop ID  will never have that information changed (with dependent fields, eg Date).  

           So how do i create a set of privileges on the data in the data database and link that to the user logged in the GUI database?

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               One method is to use File Options to set up the GUI file to auto-enter a password and have the different accounts and privileges defined in the data file. When the user opens the GUI file, either a script step or the simple fact that your layout refers to fields from the data file causes the GUI to open the data file and it then pops up the expect log in dialog. Since the permissions are then managed in the data file, you should have no trouble implementing your  record level access control methods.

               PS: and this also means that you can deploy new copies of the GUI file without needing to update the accounts and passwords.