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Question asked by PatrickSaine on Oct 20, 2011
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Readerware & Filemaker Pro 11


I've been using a Filmaker Database built from FM Pro 9 successfully for 3 years now. Basically, I've been using data from Readerware, the exporting to FM to populate info for my used bookstore. Wanting to upgrade to Lion, I upgraded to Filemaker Pro 11 and Readerware 3.04. Now, when I import using a tab delimited file (just like before), I get multiple quote marks in each field's contents. If I turn off quotes in Readerware, I get multiple records (presumably because returns and a few other characters are significant in tab delimited). A CSV doesn't help - unless there is a single book.

Is there an easy fix - a way to ignore the quotes on import? Thanks -


Pat Saine

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