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Reading all the notes instead of just the top one

Question asked by nickodm on Oct 5, 2011
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Reading all the notes instead of just the top one



I was wondering if you know a solution to this particular problem:

When looking at a contact we have a tab that someone can enter notes. Those notes are entered in a JobComments table. Each note has the text, the date stamp, and a method drop down box (ie. we called, they called, we emailed, etc).

Recently I was trying to apply a rule to turn the contact text blue with white font if nobody has entered a note with the method of "we called" in 72 hours. 

So I have something like this:

Conditional Formating

Formula Is

(Get(CurrentDate) - GetAsDate(JobComments::Date)  ≥ 3) or ((Get(CurrentDate) - GetAsDate(JobComments::Date)  < 3) and (JobComments::Method  ≠  "We Called Customer"))

Now this seems to ONLY check the LATEST note entered. So in a case where someone called the customer and then entered another note that is not method of "We Called Customer" the formating changes again.

Is there any way I can check the ENTIRE array of notes instead of just the top one? 


Thanks for all the help!