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Reading Word documents in a container field

Question asked by on Sep 15, 2014
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Reading Word documents in a container field


I'm teaching a seminar in which students write papers. I'd hoped to be able to store each paper (better, a reference to each paper) in a container field, and be able to double-click on the paper in the field to open Word with the contained document. My memory -- increasingly frail -- says that I used to be able to to this.

I no longer can. I can store the document there, but double-clicking does nothing. I can control-click and get an "Export field contents," which includes an option to open the exported document, but that will just create multiple copies.

Is there any way (a script would be fine) to store the papers, or a reference to the papers, so that when I clicked on them, or ran a script, Word would open the relevant document?