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Real estate

Question asked by paolosalvemini on May 3, 2015
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Real estate



I'm creating a db with fm 13 that has 2 tables: Buy requests (Area, min sq m, max price) and sell requests (Street, area sq m, price).

Obviously I have a table with all the datas of a client (Name, tel, mail) and with a primary key (Id Client). The other tables have foreign keys (IdClientForeign).

I'd like to match the buy requests with the sell requests in order to have a new table with all the apartment that could be interesting for a client (And all the clients who could be interested on a certain apartment)...

I guess I should create a new table but I don't undesrtand which fields this table must have and which relationship should i create...

Can u pls help me?


Thanks in advance,