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    Real Estate property match



      Real Estate property match


           Hi Everyone!


           I am fairly new to FM and so far I really enjoy working with it.

           But now I am stuck on something regarding relationsships.


           I would like to create a real estate database. I have set up three tables:

           - Customers

           - Buy requests

           - Sell request

           There is a primary key in the Customer table and there are foreign keys in the Buy, and Sell request databases.

           So the  relationsship is One - to many from the Customer db to the Buy Request db and also from the Customer to  Sell Request db.

           So I can create a portal on the Customer detail page that lists all the sell and buy requests that belong to that customer.


           My problem is, that I want to create a portal on a Buy Request detail page that lists all the properties within the database that  are for sale and match the buy request. And also the pther way round.

           So it is a kind of "property match" that I would like to accomplish.

           How can I do that with FM? Many thans in advance!

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               You will need to give a little more information.

               A property match means that there are criteria that need to match.

               I'm assuming location, price, number of bedrooms etc. could all be possible criteria.

               The idea would be to create the same fields in both tables and to create relationships between those. Or you could use global fields to enter criteria and then perform a find in the properties table.

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                 Thank you for your answer!


                 You are right, the results have to match certain criteria. I can filter the portal records, that is not a problem.

                 I could not even set up filters because none of the listings showed up in the portal of the buy request details page. I assume the problem was that the relationsship wasn't direct.

                 So I have duplicated the Sell and Buy tables and created a relationship as you see on the attached graph. Now it works.

                 I am just not sure that this is the right, or 'elegant' way to do this.

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                   A portal to Sell Requests 2 on a buy requests layout should list all records in Sell Requests where the value in "type" matches the value in type in the current Buy Request record.

                   Can't help thinking though that this is a situation where your "matching" might need to be a bit "fuzzier" than matching a single value in a single field.

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                     The graph is a working 'solution' Type is only matched to make some relationship between the databases. Further filtering is done on the portal itself.

                     The question is is this the 'recommended' or 'professional' way to get the matches from Sell Requests on a Buy Request table? Or is there a simpler way maybe even without using the Sell Request 2 and Buy Request 2 tables?

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                       There are a number of options--including simply performing a find on a layout based on Sell Request using criteria specified from a given Buy request table.

                       You also may want to take a look at how the 'search portals' in this demo file work. They won't do exactly what you want "as is", but the tricks they use may be ones that you can adapt to your needs:


                       If you are using Filemaker 12, you can open this file from the File menu to get a converted copy of the file that works in FileMaker 12.

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                         Thank you Phil!

                         I will study the attached file and look for ways to implement it in my project.