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Real Estate property match

Question asked by KrisztianG, on Feb 9, 2013
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Real Estate property match


     Hi Everyone!


     I am fairly new to FM and so far I really enjoy working with it.

     But now I am stuck on something regarding relationsships.


     I would like to create a real estate database. I have set up three tables:

     - Customers

     - Buy requests

     - Sell request

     There is a primary key in the Customer table and there are foreign keys in the Buy, and Sell request databases.

     So the  relationsship is One - to many from the Customer db to the Buy Request db and also from the Customer to  Sell Request db.

     So I can create a portal on the Customer detail page that lists all the sell and buy requests that belong to that customer.


     My problem is, that I want to create a portal on a Buy Request detail page that lists all the properties within the database that  are for sale and match the buy request. And also the pther way round.

     So it is a kind of "property match" that I would like to accomplish.

     How can I do that with FM? Many thans in advance!