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    Really Long Value List? Maybe another approach



      Really Long Value List? Maybe another approach


      Did a search . . . couldn't find an answer . . hopefully someone can advise me on this one.


      I'm working with a 10,000 name mailing list for a music company.

      Usually, when one of the groups plays a concert, there's a mailing list signup form out on the table and, after people sign the lists, we have someone in the office enter the name/address/email/etc into the big database manually.

      What we're looking to start doing is to have a laptop or iPad at the concerts where people can sign up for the mailing list. Then the next day, we can just import those records into the main database.  That's all easy to do.

      One thing I was looking at is having a single "drop box" field for the City, State, and Zip Code.  I have a list of every zip code in the United States, with the city and state included. So, for example, if someone lives in Aimwell, Louisiana, they would click on this field and start typing their city name; as they type AIMWELL, LA  71401 would pop up in the box and they could select it and move on.

      This is all easy to do EXCEPT that when I try to paste the list of city/state/zip into the "value list," it's WAY too big. (I get the 30,000 character limit warning.)

      Anyone have an idea of how I could get this to work?


      Thanks for your adice,




      There are 42741 entrees in the complete list. An example of section of the list would be:

      ALPINE, WY  83128
      ALPLAUS, NY  12008
      ALSEA, OR  97324
      ALSEN, ND  58311
      ALSEY, IL  62610
      ALSIP, IL  60803
      ALSTEAD, NH  03602
      ALSTON, GA  30412
      ALTA VISTA, IA  50603
      ALTA VISTA, KS  66834
      ALTA, CA  95701
      ALTA, IA  51002
      ALTADENA, CA  91001
      ALTADENA, CA  91003
      ALTAIR, TX  77412
      ALTAMAHAW, NC  27202
      ALTAMONT, IL  62411
      ALTAMONT, KS  67330

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          All right . . . 10 minutes later and I found a way to do it.  I thought I'd answer my own question in case someone else is looking for a solution.

          My workaround was to create another Filemaker Database with a single field. I imported all 42741 entrees into the database and THEN made a value list based on that field.  My OTHER database now looks up THAT value list.  I know I can do that in the one file but I don't want 43000 records in this database.

          ANYWAY, if someone knows a better way to do this, keeping all the data within one file, that would be a big help.



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            You can keep the data all in one file if you define more than one table in the same file. One table can then be used to store your imported zip code info to serve as a value list data source for your solution.