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Really need help with FM 11 please!

Question asked by user14830 on Aug 5, 2010
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Really need help with FM 11 please!


Hello all,

I am using FM 11 on a MacBook Pro.  I am currently working on a database for my job.  In it I have several different numbers in several different fields, all calculating to different totals.  These calculations are working fine.  My hang up is, I need to program in some sort of Undo feature in case there are data entry errors.  Iv'e tried the undo/redo function in a script but it doesn't do anything.  I've been able to set-up a script to go to the previous field and then clear the contents of that field, but I also need it to reset the the different totals to what they were before the data was entered.

I tried using the SELF function but I wasn't able to set it up correctly.