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Really? No rating field in 13?

Question asked by JoeMcgrath on Jan 16, 2014
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Really? No rating field in 13?


     Why would FileMaker as a company offer an out of the box solution for star ratings in bento, but not in FileMaker Pro 13? I've been searching 3 days for a "simple" way to do this, and nothing. Every forum out there has info about graphically representing a number field via a container but this is not the solution for me. Can anyone help me? 

     The issue...

     We run a audio visual labor company and would like to implement a star rating across all the categories for each individual that can be updated on the fly (graphically). For instance,

     John Doe Stagehand is a great employee but lacks lighting skills. We need the ability in his profile (entry) to show,

     Audio 5 stars, Video 5 stars, Lighting 2 stars 

     we need these to combine and average to give an overall rating (easy part via calculation field) and display graphically as a 1-5 star so we can sort our call list this way.

     Please help if you can. Thank you