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    Reasons For a Corrupt Temporary File



      Reasons For a Corrupt Temporary File


           My website database has crashed because of a Corrupt temporary file around every four months.  The main reason I have found online is running out of disk space but we just bumped up our disk space to the point where that should not be an issue.  Any ideas on what could be messing with our database so we can prevent another temporary file from crashing our system?

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               Your website database - is it a Filemaker Database OR SQL database OR ???
                                                            is it hosted on your local computer OR a hosting service (sharing a server) OR co-located (dedicated server)?
                                                            crashed how?  Apache error message OR just shutdown database OR shutdown server?
               Reasons you found online - do you have links to the information?

               The answers to the above will determine the next questions.
               IF hosted by a service, what do their techs say?

               Commonly questions do not contain enough info, PhilModJunk posted this to give guidance - Please Help Us to Help You...