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    Rebuilding Multiple Table Databases



      Rebuilding Multiple Table Databases


      There are a few databases I'd like to "Rebuild"  that are quite involved  (Many Tables MANY Layouts)

      Obviously, I'll start out by exporting Data and doing a DDR.

      (In all but one I'll be using pretty much same DB relationship structure)

      But then what?  There's a chicken egg issue:

            Say I import Fields that use value lists for validation.

            If I import multiple tables, what happens to fields based on relationships....


      ETC ETC.

      Has anyone written good guidelines on this?

      Lasty: It SEEMS (that the order in which Tables/Relationships are created seems to matter... am I wrong about this...

      Thanks in advance,


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          Somebody else asked the same question today. For starters, see this thread: How do I merge files

          Many details have to be manually created from scratch after import. I haven't checked to be sure, but I suspect that a validation calculation that refers to a table occurrence that does not yet exist in your merged file will be enclosed in /* comment brackets */--which enables you to recreate all your table occurrences and relationships, then you can go in and edit them to remove the comment brackets. Other noncalculation validation rules such as what you have here will likely have to be fixed manually.