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    recall appointment date troubles



      recall appointment date troubles


      Hey guys, im sure this is easy but iv been ripping my hair out...


      iv got 2 fields...


      1st field = Date with the popup calendar.


      my second field i want it to be the 1st fields date + 6 months (i.e recall the patient after 6 months of seeing them)


      additionally, i would like a notification (popup or something) when the 'recall date' is reached.


      Thanks in advance... (im usin fmp 10 advanced)

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          Set Field [YourTable::RecallDate; 1stField + 180]


          If RecallDate = Get(Today)

          Make RecallNotice Field Big and Red 


          Meaning add 180 days to the LastApptField and set RecallDate to that date.

          If the RecallDate equals Today

          Set the notice field (a calculation) to a noticiable color or font or icon 

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            If you want to see a date for the same day, but 6 Months in the future,  you could also use:


            Date ( YourDateField) + 6; Day(YourDateField); Year(YourDateField) )


            I'd put this expression in a calculation field set to return a date type so that you don't have to script the update. Instead, it'll compute the desired value automatically after you enter a date in "YourDateField".


            In addition to conditional formatting, you can also choose to write a script that searches for recall dates. You can then use File Options to run this search each time you open the file.





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              Missing the Month ().



              Date ( Month ( YourDateField) + 6; Day(YourDateField); Year(YourDateField) )