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    reccommendation for external data sources



      reccommendation for external data sources


      Hey guys,


      I'm trying use my hosted FileMaker Database as a data sourcebut I only have FileMaker server 9, not advanced. I'm using FileMaker 9 pro advanced. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what method/technology they use to make this happen. Looks like I'm limited to these options: 


      1)  Using FileMaker Pro, I want to submit SQL queries or statements to an ODBC data source.


      2)  Using an ODBC client running on a local client, I want to submit SQL queries or statements to a FileMaker Pro database.


      Any thoughts guys? Also, how much does the upgrade from FileMaker server 9 to either FMServer 9 Advanced or FMServer 10 advanced? 





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          - Submitting SQL queries to another database to import data to your FM File is a breeze - go for it.  I use it all the time, couldn't live without it, etc.

          - Using FM as an SQL server used to be an absolute dog.  I finally gave up complaining about it.  The simplest of queries seemed to end up in endless loops of 'Summarising records...'.  Would love to hear that it was now fixed.  (Was made to feel like An Old Codger: the answer I was always given was "Oh, aren't you using XML now?"  Well, I've stuck with Filemaker for 15 years because I'm an engineer, not a scientist. I just love the way it works and let's me use it as a tool.  I have no interest in going to night-school to learn XML programming, thanks all the same.)  I'd love to hear that it's all now fixed as an ODBC server.


          BTW the reason they said they couldn't fix it was because 'The ODBC driver was written by a Third Party'.   (No, me neither...)


          If FM10 as an ODBC server works for you, I've got a Purchase Order and a whole pile of projects lined up for myself!