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    Receipt Printers



      Receipt Printers


           I'm on FMPro 13 Adv  trying to make a receipt printer and cash drawer work on my PC (Windows 7). I have been struggling with the Star TSP 100 Future PRNT for several days and can't make it print the variable lengths needed for receipts with multiple items.  I would also like to use my IPad to print.  xPrint Server from Lantronix claims to provide AirPrint for any Lan printer (automatically). It works on my HP, but doesn't see my Star yet.  Any help on this please?



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               So you can print, but can't print varying length receipts to reflect different lists of items purchased by different customers?

               IF that's the issue, take a look at how the Invoices starter solutions print an invoice as they print them in a way that handles varying lengths.

               They work from this data model:


               To complete an invoice, you use a portal to InvoiceData on the Invoices layout, but to print the invoice, you pull up a found set of the InvoiceData records for that invoice on a special print layout based on InvoiceData that prints them from a list view--which is then only as long as the items listed for that invoice.