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    Receiving Data From Outside



      Receiving Data From Outside




      I have an issue I'm trying to figure out how to resolve with FileMaker Pro 14. I have a client that needs to be able to have customer records sent to them and have it automatically insert in their database. I have no idea how to even start with this.


      They basically will get the records sent from a company via a URL and just need to take the name, address info, etc and have it automatically create a new record in their customer table. Is this possible to do in FMP14?


      Thank you!

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          "Sent from a company via URL" is just too vague. If this is a download URL and the file of data is in a compatible format such as XML, csv, tab, excel.... then Filemaker can both download the file and then import the data.

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            Basically, we are going to be purchasing customer records from vendors. They will be sending POST data through a url such as first name, last name, address information, etc. and it will all be text.


            One thing I figured could work is using WebDirect to do this. I setup our server so when you go to the outside IP address it takes you to the database login screen but that's as far as I could get.

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              Web Direct is for making your database available to users that use a web browser to access your database. That isn't something that you need for what you describe here.

              It sounds like you can use Insert From URL to insert this data into a text field from which you can then export the field contents to generate the needed text file and then you can use import records to import this data into a table in your database or there are text parsing methods that can extract data directly from the text field.

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                Ok, well what about when the script runs? They are going to be sending us the customer records randomly and not at a set interval. Just whenever they have them available for us. So as far as I know a script is only triggered by user interaction or schedules. How would I be able to have it run whenever they push the data to us?

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                  I guess that I am not clear on how they "send" their data to you in this fashion. I assumed that they were posting it to a website from which you'd download the data. The method I described can probably work for that if it is set up to attempt a down load on regular intervals throughout the day. But there are still way too many details that are not clear to me here.

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                    Yeah, they will be posting to our URL but we want to have this data inserted as soon as it arrives. It's basically a lead generation company that is selling us non-exclusive leads on a first come first server basis. We need to get to them before other companies call them and earn their business first.

                    So I know there is a plugin from 360 works called web assistant that seems like it has the ability to grab POST data from a URL. I just don't know how to set it up so when the POST the data to the URL it will trigger the script to run in the database and add those records to the customer table.

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                      Ok, so that explains your reference to Web Direct as they could, at least in theory, post the data directly to a field from your database published to the web using Web Direct. Then you can either export field contents and use import records to import the data from the file this creates or use a script to parse the data directly from this field.

                      But this gets beyond what I personally know how to set up. May need to use a plug in to handle the post or even a web page that is not published from FileMaker but results in the data being saved as a file that you can then import and/or parse.