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    Recent forum posts???



      Recent forum posts???


      Why don't my posts show up in the "Recent FileMaker Pro Posts" section of this forum?  It only shows up in the "All FileMaker Pro Posts" section.

      Just wondering.


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          Recent Posts lists recent posts you havent viewed. Since you viewed your own posts when you created them, they won't appear in Recent Items until someone else responds.

          That said, I have seen a delay of several minutes between when the modification date/time updates in the lower list and when it reappears in Recent Items due to someone else responding to them.

          There's also a bug in forum software such that posts that are several months old will not reappear in Recent Items when someone searches it out and posts a new response in it.

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            Thanks again Phil.  I was just wondering.


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                   I had a problem with file name not showing in the "window" drop down list, just  a number (between 1 -10) and a balnk name.  Now I cant find the post, or your answer.  It happend again & I don't remember how to fix it.


                   Jan Slort