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Recipe in a Recipe

Question asked by TKnTexas on Aug 20, 2012
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Recipe in a Recipe


I am working on a database for food costs.  I have 3 tables:

Menu Item

All of the inventory items are the ingredients.  Ingredients come together to make a recipe.  However a recipe could be used in another recipe.

Hamburger recipe: 4oz Hamburger
                         1   Bun
                         1   Condiment Pk


Cheeseburger recipe:  1 Hamburger Recipe
                             1 Slice cheese

This is a very simplistic but realistic example.  On the TAB to build the recipe I have a portal to add ingredients and a portal to recipes.  The portal to ingredients works perfect.  But I cannot not get the portal to work back to itself on recipes.  I have TO of RECIPE and RECIPE2 related by the auto-assigned sequence number each recipe gets.  What am I missing for this?  I am sure something simple.