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recipe list confusion

Question asked by Steve_2 on Sep 15, 2014
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recipe list confusion


I've managed to horribly confuse myself….how do I create a method to input and then display ingredients in a recipe database? (Without inputting all the ingredients for one recipe in a single field. In part so I can create different layouts with varied orders and formatting.) I've got input fields for: Imperial Quantity, Imperial Measure, Metric Quantity, Metric Measure, and Ingredient. Obviously, some recipes will have more ingredients than others. Exactly how do I create this? And if a portal is the solution, how does one set this up for input, and with what relationships? Once a recipe is input, one will want to be able to search it by name, and always have all the ingredients appear in the correct order; and also have the ability to change/add/delete ingredients.  Thanks everyone!