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Recipient name missing using Send Mail

Question asked by GarySwanson on Mar 5, 2011
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Recipient name missing using Send Mail


I just found out that a Filemaker solution used by out club doesn't work as it did before.  When Send Mail is used, the recipient name is missing, and only the email address is seen in the To: field of the email.  We are using Filemaker 11.3 and I'm using Apple's Mail program in Mac OS 10.6.6.

I've searched the manual and forums, and the only guidance I can find is

from 2007 and applicable to version 5.5 of Filemaker.

In 5.5, if I have a text field containing the following text (separated by carriage returns):

(Sally Jones) (Sally Jones)

Sally Jones <>

"Sally Jones" <>

 and I specify that field to be used for the To: field in Send Mail, I see this in Apple's Mail program:

Sally Jones), Sally Jones <>, Sally Jones <>, Sally Jones <>

In version 11.3 of Filemaker, if I do the same thing, I get only the email addresses:,,,

Our club needs to be able to search emails using the person's name rather than just an email address as email addresses are always changing.  Is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance for any help.