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    Recipient name missing using Send Mail



      Recipient name missing using Send Mail


      I just found out that a Filemaker solution used by out club doesn't work as it did before.  When Send Mail is used, the recipient name is missing, and only the email address is seen in the To: field of the email.  We are using Filemaker 11.3 and I'm using Apple's Mail program in Mac OS 10.6.6.

      I've searched the manual and forums, and the only guidance I can find is


      from 2007 and applicable to version 5.5 of Filemaker.

      In 5.5, if I have a text field containing the following text (separated by carriage returns):

      (Sally Jones) sally_jones@host.com

      sally_jones@host.com (Sally Jones)

      Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>

      "Sally Jones" <sally_jones@host.com>

       and I specify that field to be used for the To: field in Send Mail, I see this in Apple's Mail program:

      Sally Jones) sally_jones@host.com, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>

      In version 11.3 of Filemaker, if I do the same thing, I get only the email addresses:

      sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com

      Our club needs to be able to search emails using the person's name rather than just an email address as email addresses are always changing.  Is there something I'm missing here?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          The thing they seem to have in common is that the special characters of ) and " seem to drop the address.  Does it make any difference if you put those addresses in the Quote function?

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            Sorry, but I don't understand your question.  How can you put in text that's already in a text field with the Quote function?

            The format of the 4 email names and email addresses were taken from the above Filemaker website.  All of the formats used to work, but now none of them work.

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              The Quote function will escape the special characters.  So Quote ("This is some text") will literally return "This is some text", including the quotation marks.  I just wondered were the special charecters of ) and " causing a problem.  You could place the text field inside the Quote function, no?

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                Brilliant Sorbsbuster!  Your question and explanation got me on the right track.  It appears that the name plus email address must now be enclosed in quotes, which can be done directly or with the Quote function. This was not the case in the days of version 5.5.  Each name+email can be separated by carriage returns or semicolons.

                I did some testing and here are 3 formats that give the desired results.  The quotation marks are part of the text string.

                   " ( Sally Jones & Gordon Smith ) <sally_jones@host.com> "

                   " sally_jones@host.com (Sally Jones & Gordon Smith) "

                   " Sally Jones & Gordon Smith <sally_jones@host.com> "

                I can't get the format using quotes to delineate the name or names to work at all.  This is the format I prefer, and used to use.

                If I use Quote( "Adam and Mary Smith" <thesmiths@smith.com> ), the result is ""\"Adam and Mary Smith\" <thesmiths@smith.com> \""

                I tried a few more variations of where to put the quotes, but nothing worked.

                Thanks to your help, the problem is solved.

                An explanation of the rules for formatting the "To" field in Send Mail is something that should be in the Filemaker manual.  I'll try to look into requesting that.

                Thanks again.

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                  Well I've run into another problem.  Enclosing the entire name+email string in quotes works fine on a Mac with Apple's Mail program, but does not work at all on a Windows machine (7) and Outlook.  I had to go back to enclosing the only the name in quotes, e.g. "Pepe LePew" <Pepe@Wally.com>.

                  I tested all four forms of the name+email string shown in my previous post.  None of them worked on Windows with everything enclosed in quotes.  The error message from Outlook had the form "Microsoft outlook does not recognize email@xxxx.xxx”".

                  i looked for a function that would return the email client so that I could make the calculation dependent on that, but haven't found it yet.  I could make it platform dependent, but that seems shaky.  At this point I don't know if the problem lies with Filemaker or Mail, but I'm suspecting Mail.

                  Any further suggestions would be appreciated. 

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                    I have run into the same bug. See my "Issue Report" at 

                    Script Step "Send Mail" ; Send via: E-mail Client ; Apple Mail - address calc problem

                    You should file an "Issue Report" also so they won't think that I am making it up. Wink