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recoding data from one variable into another new variable

Question asked by KevinSiddons on Jun 25, 2012
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recoding data from one variable into another new variable


I'm new to FileMaker and could use some help getting oriented.

I'm doing analysis of 5 years of health data which I would like to store in FileMaker. I have files of original data which I've imported into FileMaker. In preparation of my statistical analysis (in SPSS) I want to recode data from one variable into another newly named variable.

I'm working with yearly Cause of Death data. Each record represents an individual who died. Each record has a coded COD. I need to create a new variable that would represent a range of COD codes (for example - Heart disease would be a category that would contain a number of COD codes). I would like to run a 'script' that would complete this coding for all records.

I've programmed in SQL and am familiar with structured programming. I haven't yet gotten a sense on how to do this in FileMaker.

Thanks in advance for your help.